Foaming Soap Dispenser Black or White - Luxurious foaming soap at your fingertips! This Jarmazing foaming soap dispenser easily converts any regular mouth mason jar into a beautiful bath and kitchen accessory. This dispenser will look great in your home, whether you're decorating a farmhouse, a country cabin, or city condo. Made with durable BPA-free plastic, these jarmazing adapters are rust-free, and easy to clean. Foaming Soap? that will give your jars that extra special touch. Use this dispenser with any brand of foaming soap, or easily make your own by mixing liquid soap, such as Castile soap or natural dish soap, with water. Less is more! We find that between 5 and 10 parts water per unit of soap works best. 

Black Farmhouse & Stainless Steel Liquid Soap Dispenser - This Jarmazing soap pump turns your favourite regular mouth mason jar into a sparkling soap dispenser. Featuring an American classic, vintage-inspired black lid with a black dispenser, this classy soap pump fits many decors, from industrial to farmhouse to shabby chic. All the metal components in this dispenser are comprised of coated stainless steel, which is suitable for wet environments and resists corrosion and rust. Perfect for dish soap, hand soap, or lotion, this dispenser includes an extra thick FDA silicone gasket, making it spill proof, even if tipped on its side. 

With an extra-long dip tube and standard threading, the foaming pump works with any regular mouth mason jar and contemporary jars, including half-pint, pint, and quarts. Simply trim the tube with scissors so it just touches the bottom of your jar.

Please note that this adapter will not fit wide-mouth jars, which have a 3 inch rim diameter. Jars sold separately. 


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