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Pure. Simple. Natural.

At Lala Soap Company, we value the precious resources of our planet and we care about our environment. That's why our soaps are 100% biodegradable and we use only recyclable materials, minimal packaging, and the finest ingredients. These natural & organic ingredients are free of harsh chemicals and toxins: yet still provide a luxurious cleansing experience, with peace of mind. Each one of our handmade soaps is infused with a unique blend of herbs, spices, clays, butters and pure essential oils giving our soap blends their characteristic look, feel and smell.

Our family owned and operated business is proudly Canadian, and has been producing quality hand made products since 1997. Try one of our many varieties of soaps, body butters or salts ....your sure to feel a difference! Where purity & simplicity come together naturally.

Tested only on willing family & friends ...... never on animals.

The Pure Essentials

Essential Oils are concentrated substances that are extracted from plant parts, such as roots, leaves, flowers, bark, roots & resins. Extraction is usually done via steam distillation or expeller pressing.

These oils are often referred to as " the hormone" of the plant, by activating plant budding, fruit formation or root expansion. They are very powerful and must be used with the utmost respect. Essential oils are unlike vegetable oils in that they are not greasy, but highly volatile and very potent aromatically.

Chemically, they cannot be exactly duplicated due to their complex molecular. That is what contributes to their unique healing abilities. They are imported around the world, unadultered and certified organic when possible. Global weather conditions, insects, disease, plant yield and politics all contribute to the fluctuating market costs of these oils.

Beyond the Lather

Attractive packaging, exquisite aromas and rich sudsy lathers are often enticing to consumers. Many of us do not stop to think why it lasts so long on the shelf and why it's so inexpensive. Commercially produced face and body care products contain many harmful ingredients - just read the labels.

You will never find any toxins in any of our products. At Lala Soap Company Inc, we are making the conscious choice to use only the best ingredients for our entire line of products.

All Natural Ingredients

Our soaps contain only the very best Mother Nature has to offer.

We always begin with a base of coconut, olive and castor oils for our soaps. During the soap making process, gylcerin is naturally produced. We do not remove the glycerin as it helps to keep moisture in the skin, leaving you feeling soft and supple. For soap to obtain its cleansing and lathering ability, lye (the combination of sodium hydroxide and water) must be used to saponify the oils. Naturally, purified water is added during the soap making process.

Herbs, botanical oils and butters, flowers, clays and 100% pure essential oils, which are organic when possible are our only additives. These hand-selected ingredients give each bar of soap its characteristic scent, color and texture.
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