Gratitude JOURNAL


Elevate your state and live even happier through this unique gratitude practice.

Learn to harness your five senses (Smell, Sight, Hear, Touch and Taste) and train your brain to effortlessly see the goodness around you and fully live your everyday experiences. 

This 90-day journal practice will: 

  • Teach you the science behind how gratitude changes your brain 
  • Show you how to engage your five senses and deepen all the benefits of gratitude 
  • Encourage your brain to easily return to a state of calm, appreciation, and happiness
  • Help you acknowledge all the amazing blessings in your life - a happy brain is more likely to make positive decisions, practice patience and view the world in a positive light

1 softcover 90-day journal. 2 pages per day. Book is 192 pages.


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