Find Your Strength Work Book


If you often feel anxious, burned out, and overstimulated, you’re not alone. Some people are born highly sensitive to the emotions of others and to their surroundings, but this can be a source of great strength if you learn simple methods to care for yourself. This elegantly designed workbook by psychotherapist April Snow, LMFT offers you a series of exercises that will help you overcome the obstacles and harness the benefits of your empathetic gifts.

With this workbook, you can find strength and healing as you:

~ Explore and honour your innate sensitivity

~ Create a lifestyle that supports your needs

~ Learn how to navigate relationships and create healthy boundaries 

~ Discover methods to help you thrive at work

~ Turn your sensitive nature into a force for good in your life and in the world

This supportive, enjoyable workbook is an insightful, educational guide that’s straightforward and easily accessible for anyone coping with overwhelm and anxiety.

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