LIVING LIBATIONS Rare & Precious Oils


Forest Amber Essential Oil - Fragrant Forest Amber Essential Oil creates a sacred space in which past and forest culminate in the eternal present. A completely unique offering from our distiller, Forest Amber is a choreographed co-distillation of the rich resins of the Piñon Pine with the tree's natural essential oils. Together, these two elements link body and soul to the ancient past through the mature resin, and to the fleeting fragrant forest molecules of the present via direct communication with the cerebral spheres and brow chakra.

Fragonia Essential Oil - Rejoice in the balanced perfection of Fragonia Essential Oil. Hailing from the wild, friendly flora of the Australian outback, the elements in Fragonia Essential Oil are perfectly poised. When you inhale harmony, inner states of mindfulness get charged. Gentle yet influential, our Fragonia with its Fibonacci structured-scent blesses the body and its compelling aroma is said to be an extremely powerful tonic for feelings of wellbeing.

Palo Santo Essential Oil - The perfumed prayer of Palo Santo Essential Oil is steam distilled from the ethically harvested fallen wood of Ecuadorean Holy Wood trees. This opulent oil is brimming with benevolent beneficial plant properties and is highly revered and endeared as a meditation tool and scared space chrism. The aged heartwood of the Bursera graveolens wood offers a balsamic, faithful fragrance that may be anointed as a cologne, chakra serum or deodorant.

Tonka Bean Absolute - The treasure of Tonka Bean Absolute is found in its fantastic fixative quality for natural perfumes. Captured from the almond-shaped seeds or "beans" of the tropical Dipteryx odorata tree, Tonka Bean is an aromatic alternative to vanilla bean. It is used to sweeten grass and hay-based perfumes and to highlight warm notes with its rich, amber, almond-like, carmelicious essence.

White Sage Essential Oil - Well founded White Sage Essential Oil is wild crafted in America from the leaves of the Sacred Sage shrub. In the cache of Native American herbal secrets, this incisively fragrant herb was harnessed for its naturally purifying and plentiful self-care properties. Also known as bee sage or sacred sage, the soft-suede silvery leaves of the White Sage shrub are a fragrant favorite of honeybees. A single whiff of White Sage Essential Oil eases furrowed brows, relaxes breathing, calms monkey-mind, and inspires creative clarity. Inhale to lift the veil and invoke the mighty muse of White Sage Essential Oil.

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