BACK Brush - Long


Sisal fibres used create the finest quality body brushes.

Extracted from the Agave sisalana plant, sisal can be grown throughout the year - even on marginal land and in semi-arid areas - and does not require fertilizers or pesticides. This makes it ideal for countries like Kenya (where we import ours from), where agriculture is the mainstay of the economy. Sisal fibrEs are strong and durable, do not absorb moisture easily and are resistant to damage by salt water.

Take this brush with you in the bath or in the shower for either a luxurious massage or an energizing rub in the morning!

The rope handles allow you to move the brush easily up and down your back. Brush with light pressure and gradually increase pressure as you build your daily brushing routine. Use wet or dry.

Sisal Back Brush - 19" length

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