Have you ever given much thought as to what is in your face & body care products?

Attractive packaging, exquisite aromas and rich sudsy lathers are often enticing to consumers. Many of us do not stop to think why it lasts so long on the shelf and why it's so inexpensive. Commercially produced face and body care products contain many harmful ingredients - just read the labels. Listed below are a few of the most common ingredients you'll find in your favourite commercially produced soaps, body washes, shampoos and lotions.
Phthalates - Used to enhance fragrances, commonly found in perfumes and personal body care products. Also used in the production of plastics, paint and adhesives. Research has shown a link between changes in hormonal levels, disruption of DNA and birth defects. That's why we use 100% pure essential oils to fragrance all of our soaps. For more information visit David Suzuki's webpage.

Sulphates (sodium or ammonium laurel) - Creates thick, sudsy lather in soaps, shampoos and conditioners.  Known to be a skin and eye irritant that is linked to cancer. At Lala Soap & natural body care we use vegetable oils to create the rich sudsy lather in our soaps. For more information visit David Suzuki's webpage.

Parabens (methyl, propyl, ethyl) - Widely used synthetic preservative in lotions, shampoos, and sunscreens. Synthetic parabens have the ability to mimic estrogen which can result in reproductive abnormalities and breast cancer. This is why we create our products in small, batches, using plant based preservatives like honey and grapefruit seed extact. For more information visit David Suzuki's webpage.

Petrochemicals - Petroleum based products, such as mineral oil, propylene glycol, parrafin and petrolatum. You'll find that these are often the base for products such as lip balms, baby oil, body moisturizers and shampoos. Phthalates, sulphates and parabens are all acquired from petrochemicals which are non-biodegradable and toxic to our hormonal systems. We choose to create our products with a base that is 100% vegetable, using botanical butters like cocoa & shea to leave a smooth, rich feel on your skin. For more information visit David Suzuki's webpage.

Triclosan - A chemical that is added to antibacterial soaps, body wash, toothpaste, cosmetics, clothing, toys & furniture to reduce & prevent bacterial contamination. It does not biodegrade and as a result is being found in our water systems & fish. Its known to contribute to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics. For more information check out David Suzuki's webpage.

You will never find any of the above-mentioned toxins in any of our products. At Lala Soap Company Inc, we are making the conscious choice to use only the best ingredients for our entire line of products.