Combat the GERMAPHOBES naturally

Change of season means busy schedules, stress and increased potential for sniffles, coughs & stuffy noses. A few ways help boost your body's resistance is to wash your hands over & over, drink plenty of water, and get your much needed sleep! Adding aromatherapy to your routine is also a great way to stay In the Clear & Breathe Easy!

Check out our line up of products:

In the Clear Massage & Body Oil - uses Ravintsara, Thyme, & Eucalyptus in jojoba oil in a travel sized bottle. This is a strong aroma perfect for adults on the go, who don't have time for the sickies! Roll onto your neck and breathe in the fresh aromas.
Breathe Easy Room & Body Mister - made with Eucalyptus, Tea Tree & Thyme essential oils is perfect for spraying bed linens, wiping down door knobs or counter tops with a fresh clean scent!
In the Clear Aromatic Balm - uses Eucalyptus, Tea tree & Lavender in a Castor Oil base designed for kids as a petroleum FREE chest rub. Not only can you put this on your chest, but neck, back & feet (followed by a pair of socks).