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With their unique design & packaging these sea salt soaps make a beautiful unique gift. Spa stone sea salt soaps are a longer lasting bar due to the added sea salt, retain their shape & never gets slimy in the shower. Its recommended you keep your bar dry and out of the water when not in use to get the maximum longevity.  These handmade soaps are moisturizing & exfoliating, made with plant-based ingredients oils and butters, very mild and suitable for the most sensitive skin types. Open & enjoy!

Himalayan Citrus Sea Salt Soap - featuring Himalayan pink salt, carrying a bright scent of lemon & bergamot essential oils. This gently exfoliating and conditioning salt bar is rich in minerals with natural moisturizing butters and oils to help soften and rejuvenate the skin. Indulge in a light citrus scent and a luxurious creamy lather. Adorned with pink crystals this bar is true ‘luxury by nature’.


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