Workshop SOAP MAKING - Mastering Colour Swirls


Unlock the art of creating stunning colour swirls in your handmade soap at our Advanced Soap Making Workshop. This workshop is designed for those with a basic understanding of Cold Process Soap Making, making it essential to have completed our Learn How to Make Soap for Beginners workshop prior to attending.

In this advanced session, you will learn techniques to create intricate colour designs using a selection of natural additives and premium essential oils. Each participant will create a batch of soap weighing 2lbs, yielding approximately 12-16 bars. Customize your soap with natural herbs, clays, dried flowers, and premium essential oils, creating a truly unique and personalized product.

Join us for an immersive experience where creativity meets craftsmanship. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today!

Workshops are approximately 2 hours. Participants must be 18 years + to attend. For safety reasons, you are required to wear closed toe shoes, long sleeves & pants. Safety goggles, aprons & gloves are provided. All bookings are paid for in advance. No Refunds.

When booking please provide full name, age and contact number for each individual.


**This workshop is for those who have taken Soap Making for Beginners - will be invited to participate in these Advanced Classes.



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