Workshop SOAP MAKING - Advanced Colour Swirl


Our focus is on colour design. You'll make beautiful colour swirls within your soap. We will have a selection of natural colours & essential oils to choose from.

Learn how to make SOAP for beginners is a PRE-Requisite to this course! Our workshop is an Advanced Technique where basic understanding of Cold Process Soap Making is required. You will make 2lbs of soap ~ approx 9-10 bars, customized with natural additives, dried flowers & pure essential oils. 

Workshops are available on Saturdays from 4pm & Sundays at 10am ~ approximately 2 -3 hours. Participants must be 18 years + to attend. For safety reasons, you are required to wear closed toe shoes, long sleeves & pants. Safety goggles, aprons & gloves are provided. All bookings are paid for in advance. No Refunds.

When booking please provide full name, age and contact number for each individual.

 **This workshop is for those who have taken Soap Making for Beginners - will be invited to participate in these Advanced Classes.



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