Our Face Toners are made from Certified Organic Hydrosols (100% pure distillate co-product of steam distillation) with no additives or preservatives. All are stored in 125ml amber glass spray bottles. These are best stored out of direct sunlight. Eco friendly option ~ as part of our in-house refill station, these hydrosols are available when you bring your dry, clean bottle into our shop.

If you would like a customized Toner please select Custom and give details in the notes upon checkout.

Rosemary Face Toner - Rosemarinus Officionalis Hydrosol a tonic and refreshing mist for tired, devitalized skin. Its bold fragrance appeals to men and it is great for razor burn and an after shave toner. Rosemary is an emotional lifter and stimulant to help revitalized tired looking skin.

Hydrosols should not be stored in the refrigerator. They like a cool, stable environment and temperature fluctuations disturb them. 

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