Luxurious Bath Treats handcrafted in small batches & made with organic ingredients. 

Donut Bath Bombsbath bombs drizzled with exotic butters of Shea or Cocoa for the ultimate soaking experience. 

Mint Chocolate Donut - spirulina, cocoa butter & pure essential oil of peppermint.

Mango Tango Donut - mango fruit extract, *infused carrot oil, Shea butter, pure essential oil of tangerine.

Lavender Honey Donut - rattanjot powder, lavender flowers, Shea butter, pure essential oil of lavender & *aromatic essence of honey.

Pumpkin Spice Donut - cinnamon powder, alll pice, *pumpkin seed oil, pure essential oils of cinnamon, clove & vanilla, Shea butter.

Canadian Maple Donut - *cane sugar, *maple flakes, cocoa butter, Essential oil of vanilla.

Lemon Snowball Donut - cocoa butter, Tumeric, kaolin clay, *coconut oil, *cane sugar, lemon essential oil & *aromatic essence of coconut 

Holiday Frost Donut - cocoa butter, shea butter, *blue matcha, *cane sugar, essential oils of peppermint & vanilla

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