GROOM Shaving Cream


Shaving Cream

Our shaving cream is now your best asset for a shave of unprecedented comfort. Made from natural ingredients, it literally is the best of both worlds! Its texture allows the razor to glade effortlessly, while its gentle formula will be delicate on your skin. Continue with your choice of aftershave. 
Ingredients - 
Aqua, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxyde, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Glycerin, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Citrate, Pinus Strobus Leaf Oil, Salvia Sclarea Oil, Cedrus Atlantica Bark Oil, Juniperus Communis Fruit Oil, Pimpinella Anisum Seed Oil, Coumarin

The fragrance is fresh and herbaceous, with notes of pine, sage and juniper.

120mL / 4.1 fl.oz 

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