Magnesium Oil Ultra with MSM

Ultra Pure & Concentrated Easy Topical Spray

Apply to as much of body as possible for most efficient absorption. 6 - 24 sprays depending on individual needs.Made with genuine axe hate in magnesium salt has been protected at 1600-2000 metres deep in the interior of the earth as a part of the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe. Kept pure & untouched.

Magnesium is known to:

✨ Assist with stress relief

✨ Improve mood & psychological well being

✨ Lessen anxiety & Irritability

✨ Prepare you for a restful nights sleep

✨ Naturally relax muscles & reduce nerve excitability 

✨ Assist with pain, muscle spasms & cramping 

MSM - methylsulfonylmethane - an organic sulfer compound know to:

✨Protects against oxidative damage

✨Softer, smoother, more elastic skin

✨Useful with various forms of pain management & as an anti inflammatory 


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